lets begin from the end..

I have been through battle and now I am a true blogger πŸ˜€ and am (said in a severe tone of voice) NOT green behind the ears.

Its funny how a frog in the well mentality can come up in the infinite web, the eternal web, the full of opinions web. I am peace loving..well as my extra net savvy mom (see comments in last post) will testify I am unable to even kill mosquitos.

So this peace loving me got called into a fracas not of my making, now I know how barroom brawls start.

There I was nursing my diet coke, and rohit and auntyji  and chandniwere in a fight, I just smirked and said something allegorical  to evoke an image "of a matron. sari hitched around waist , belan tapping against hand" now this matron is an allegorical creation and for this little smirk of mine, I got dragged in and got called names. And oh when I was called names, nothing was said taht my comment had not even been directed at one single person to begin with. 

my comment on rohits blog

"! wheres my popcorn..i see another rant brewing..
ohh btw did u realize u were a sexist/poltitcally incoorect when u said “a blog is a man’s castle” ;)
but seriously I don’t see anything wrong with the cover..rather i would say it is quite well executed..since at this point of time im wearing an ancient tantra tshirt that proclaims “india, its old, its new” I agree with you there.
As for teh mika truly dont wish to comment on it to begn with
so kudos to you for taking on all these bloggers, the sound like matrons with sari tucked in at waist and belan in hand! have fun! "

the comment on auntiji's blog

"cant believe the obsession people have to opinionate at any cost, anywhere, everywhere, and on everything. God almighty.spare us the from the frustrated.
to act cheap is your prerogative and to call you cheapos is ours.. Got that??
also read some chicks comment on matrons.. laughed my guts out.. have been here since Kaveetaa had her snap on the blog. had you seen it, this definitely was one comment that would not have happened!! You guys sure new out wonder so green behind the ears."

I was called names that I hate being called, like "green behind the ears" ,cliches, find something a bit original there, so that I may repeat.

Chandni's comments were not published and more name calling was done, of the juvenille are ugly, no you are ugly types..specially when chandni went in peace and made a logical argument, how does the moderators honest heart delete such comments and keep others that just favor her opiinion? Hopefully I atleast got the sex right!

WHat amazes me is a lack to see things rationally and without prejudice, you claim a right to freedom of expression and yet deny others that freedom to comment on what you write. You claim you are right, he claims he is right, they are just opinions, so are mine. Then why get into a "open for all" barroom brawl which is equivalent of saying you looked at me crossways so I will kill you! or rather "hai bhagwan dekho na iss aurat ne mujhe kya kya kaha," And why drag people unbekonest to you into this fracas and not even call them oiginal names and say you have priceless comments? Priceless they indeed are, because no else would care to malign without knowing the entire story…

and oh btw thanks for calling me a chick πŸ˜€ ..atleast that you got right.

which brings me to another story…out of another time..of a teacher blaming for bieng too friendly with my mom and giving it to me infront of the entire class..maa ke khande pe haath rakh ke chalti hai" yaar medam, maa bhi meri, khandha bhi unka, aap ko kya ho raha hai? Express opinions not regimental rules..

from the greenish



  1. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    I can understand. Though in the light of Rahul Mahajan’s case, I wonder no one called you, “you are high on cracks… that too cheap Indian kind.” πŸ™‚

  2. well said lady. Though it is a lost battle…looking at the way it continues. As far as I am concerned, its over.

    And if one specific buck teethed fat assed monkey reads this, Hey!

    Sheesh! Some people! πŸ˜‰

  3. oh boy that was fun.
    I must say Auntyji’s blog is pretty insightful, if she didn’t take herself so seriously.

  4. @ alka : hehe..well that would have been quite repeatable πŸ˜€

    @chandni: hehe..the battle continues..though I think i have been abandoned as a casualty.

    @deppe: hmm maybe, but i did want to comment to her that if on every post someone takes umrage to what you say then you had better look at what you are doing wrong

  5. If everyone drank rum, the world would be a better place:P

  6. Talking abt my favorite topic! I love maggi too… infact… i’m going to get some right now.

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