fulfilling dreams

a lot of people (all of them imaginary and in my head) asked me, why the runner in the header?
It is because I like to run, those who knew me in my previous incarnation probably wont believe that, they may even snicker and or twitter. But I have been bitten by the running bug. I run 4/5 miles atleast 4 days a week.
There is supposed to be a difference between a runner and a jogger. That difference is the speed and the fact that the runner cannot not run, and as for the jogger he merely dabbles. I am straddling the line between them. I love running, but it hasnt become a passion yet.
As for speed, I am probably slower than everybody who runs. But the point was brought home to me by something I was reading..I am still faster than those who refuse to even try running.
Which brings me to the crux of my post. If something is worth doing, and you are an Ayn-Randesque believer in doing things perfectly, Should you not do something you know you can be only moderately good at? Or should you plough on, slower than the snail, worse than the old lady who zips past you, knowing that you would improve but never ever be the best.
Is the merit in trying or being?
Sometimes knowing you are trying your best can be enough and at other times trying seems like a waste of time..what is it?
As for running, even running has been a dream, everytime I run I can't get over the fact that I, ME, me? am running..just like I always thought I would, the world may not throw medals at my feet, but my own appreciation of my body is enough. For now.



  1. Nice post.

    Is the merit in trying or being?

    I think its in trying…becasue when u try, only then you be. Know what I mean??

    Ultimately…the competition is not wth others but with oneself…today you are able to do much more than what u were able to do yesterday..and there in lies the victory…there in lies the medal.

    You’re a winner then, arent you? 🙂

  2. @chandni..but there comes a time when the act of trying becomes too much and winning takes over, I guess thats when my question comes in, to try and try and try or to wash your hands off the deal?

  3. Ah!

    A post after my own heart.

    But whats wrong if winning takes over? Whats wrong with being good at something? We start for the fun of it and then we hope to become better and better, and hopefully we shall.

  4. @ confused..ello and welcome to the blog, when i said winning takes over, i should have been clearer..the desire to win takes over. But sometimes , or rather at some things, we never get to be at the level we want “the best of the best” so it it worth it just doing it and doing it and doing it some more.

  5. to each his own then. There can definitely not be a universal answer to this …

  6. “…the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”
    — Henry Van Dyke

  7. @ deppe..thanks for the comment and welcome, makes sense, but unfortunately birds have no sense of competetion like us humans which is where the problem comes in!..
    in retrospect..I think you came looking for the post promised to anu’s blog..which I just finished this morning!

  8. hey… i often wonder why it is hard for us to accept that winning is not “THE” only thing. it is hard for me… why I dont know.

  9. hey! thats a piece of writing that is inspiring in its own unique way..leaves u with a question that lingers on….for there really are no 2 ways to it…neither can win over the other completely…but,thanks to u…gives the mind something to ponder over..cheers!

  10. @nupur..thanks and welcome to the blog 😀

  11. The merit is in trying, I think. It is only when you try that you know what you are capable of! And when you try really hard and well, you sometimes exceed what you think is your potential. Good going Disha!

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