I may not be the most cheerful person on the planet.but I definately count myself in its happy denizens

Right now I am not happy. Definately not happy. I am not unhappy either, which shows you that maybe happiness and unhappiness are not two extremes, but rather different state of minds. What does that make my state of mind, the bored reader may asked..my answer: bored, stuck in the office with nothing, absolutely nothing to do, does not a good day make.

So here are ten things that bore me:

10. long meetings, specially after doughnuts and coffee
9. talking about my own research, buddy i suffer through it, do you have to too?
8. news..specially my dad's obsessive news watching which means watching news on every possible channel
7. shopping for more than an hour, specially when no looking for anything specific
6. anyplace where I am supposed to keep my opinions to myself
5. cricket..it should top the list but i figured there are better things. Most indians will be shocked by this lack of patriotic fervor , but sorry no cricket for me
4. long farewells, howso ever I love you, or will miss you when you are gone, please dont linger at the parting point. Dont make me stand on railway platforms or infront of buses or at the airport ans do extended goodbyes
3. Treadmills and stationary bikes. I like to run, I hate biking..more about that later, but I cannot stand treadmills, usually I zip around my morning 3 miler and come back home happy and ready for work. Yesterday I didnt get up in the morning and so decided to do three miles on the treadmill before my kickboxing class. Guess what, I have been a trainer for 8 years, I tripped 7 times, couldnt figure out what was wrong with the program I set and I couldnt change it AND each minute of the three miles was torture!! even with awesome music playing!
2. Bollywood family dramas..I cant sit through those tear jerkers, specially if I have to keep my opinions to myself, all that melodarama leaves me cold
1. in the office..no work..not even the guilt of not doing work to add an extra zing to my surfing the net….right now its all..well..BORING!!!..ohh no yahoo either 😦



  1. Dish, needless to say…if i made a “what bores me” list…most of ur points will feature on mine..

    But cricket??? I cant believe u dont like watching an India-pakistan match!! 😀

    And in place of bollywood family dramas I’d rather put in Kekta kapoor’s serials..

    But cricket??!!??

  2. Share u’r love or hate of cricket. couldnt stand watching them lose all the time.

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