ok, so i am bored bored bored..work is dreary, I have nothing to do, my boss took the files and decided to work from home. Duh, how am I supposed to work?
Bieng a mere grad student/hourly employee..I cannot hot foot it home as soon as the aforementioned boss disappears
so here is a tag i maaroed from some blog hopping..
Number of books I own:
In the US: about 10 (decidedly controlling myself)
In india: me thinks about 200 or so?

number of books I lent that never came back
sigh..dont even ask, I have learnt with bitter experience not to lend books to people you know you wont see in a while. The number must be close to 20-30. Point in case: copy of zen and the art of motorcyle maintainance

number of ebooks I own

Last book I brought:Eliad (Homer)
Which I havent started yet because it is a joint project with a friend, who has disappeared into the woodwork. It is our only way to read something serious!

Last book I was giftedtwo on the same day, did I get lucky or what!!
Knife of dreams: Robert JOrdan, part 12 of wheel of time
The giver: Lois Lowry: i loved the book: do you hear me giver/gifter?

Last book I read:
Since I read books on a daily basis, two books deserve mention here:
hullaballoo in the gauva orchard: kiran desai: funny funny book
pretty good for a girl: leslie Heywood: A book that will soon be a book I brought, because this one I will reread.

Currently reading:
Calvin and Hobbes: the eternal time pass for me, how i adore taht kid
The shadow Lines: Amitav Ghosh

5 books that mean a lot to me:

1.Pretty good for a girl: I have started training for a marathon and this book insprires me to keep running and running and running
2.Surrender the Pink: Carrie Fisher: A book that is remiscent of my relationships, down to the last dotted i and crossed t.
3 Ordinary People: Judith Guest: somehow a bok that touched my core, it still does every single time
4. PG wodehouse: anything he has written
5. Collection of Saki,aka, HH Munro
6. The little Prince

there are probably billions more, these are the ones i care to mention

3 books I started reading but never completedA suitable boy, vikram seth: could never get through it
all my textbooks
cant think of anything I didnt finish, I usually make it through

Books that made zero sense to me:

A god of small things, arundhati roy: beautifully written book, with amazingly alive descriptions and yet the entire story never made sense to the class 10th 14 year old me..maybe I will understand it better at 23?

The Magus, John Fowles: never made sense (ask maa, it never made sense to her too..even when read the right side up :p)

My most treasured books:
hmm thats a tough one, I might even cry

1.A rare collection of asimov stories (out of print now) that disappeared from my bookshelf

2.Reader’s Digest how to read, write and speak better: It was practically my bible for every time I needed inspriation or motivation to write, teach or just study (it has a great section on how to make notes for an essay/thesis)

3.A collection of Grimms Brother FAiry Tales, hand illustrated, hard bound, collecters edition..me thinks, and has colored my fantasies since I was really small and uptil now, when I rereead them again all the time

4.my entire collection of robert jordan’s wheel of time

5. my dad’s collection of phantom comics from his boyhood.. I have them all, nicely bound into 14 volumes!!

and lastly my tag
chandni ..for the bountiful gift of her last tag that almost svaed me from a catatonic death in the office



  1. needless to say…I love the books you have mentioned!!!

    I got phantom comics from my dad too!! Though I never read them…

    And I can totally understand the attachment to Grimm’s fairytales!

  2. not just grimms’ i love even desi tales: remember those books in the junior library?

  3. @ chandni..needless indeed 😀

    @purva yeh, i loved those too..some weird mag though that I dont remember the name, But this is about books and this is a special “book”

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