ahem..just a little gem

usually dont do poetry, but this came to me in my sleep. Considering am niether a babe and nor would I ever have the unkindness to dump anyone that badly, maybe this poem is a reflection of who I want to be:
Go away from my dreams
go, shoo
You dont belong in them
just a warm body to warm cold me
Your purpose fullifilled
I have no need for you anymore
go, shoo
Leave my dreams to the adonis I know of
albiet dreams of him
will never make me laugh
or touch me with an appreciation of a goodess beyond reach
But you there,
stop standing like a deer in the headlights,
frozen with shock
didnt you see it coming?
go, shoo
I have need no more.

tell me what you think of it..


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  1. ouch

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