weird weirder weirdest

Chandni knowing my relcutance to do actual work when supposedly at work, has given me much more interesting work by tagging me to write 6 weird things about me. Here they are, and also listed are six victims of this weirdness..

This is a hard tag to fulfill. I have to actually decide what are the bestest weird thing about me. There are so many that limitiing to six seems like a pity, this could have been a very long post otherwise

1. I adore reading manuals, when I buy a gadget, half the thrill comes from reading the manual. I horde them too (for troubleshooting)

2. I cannot not read in the loo, if I dont read I cannot shit.

3. I cannot speak in Hindi with someone unless I know them well. If I go “completely angrez” on someone means I’m uncomfortable

4. I start crying everytime I get hurt. It is a reflex tears thing, and I have no control over it but it sure is weird to see a girl cry because she fell off a step in a step class and sprained her ankle.

5. I never learnt small talk. The weather is my limit. Networking is probably my worst nightmare because I have no clue what to say to anybody about anything at a social function. Recent tip from a friend: compliment women on their saari, me: frantically taking notes.

6. I never leave for someplace without coming back into the house atleast 2 times, if forced to leave, I find I have forgotten essential things like maps, glasses, jackets, wallet (which ofcourse has my licence, so have to slink around after that hiding from cops)

Now the best part:
the victims are..drumrolll…

Mr. X



  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    these are nice things bhai!!

    Coming back home 2-3 times is forgetful…not weird šŸ˜€

  2. even crying like a sissy šŸ˜€

  3. oh lord. manuals. but they’re FUN! I love knowing what the 1000 things are that my new wateveritis can do. you’re not alone.

  4. @cyberswami: phew, I am no longer the only person who adores manuals :D, everyone else shuns them.

  5. Hmm, you shall be ranked as *pretty weird” in my book. 3, 5 and 6 are common between us! (but they are not my weirdest though)

  6. Mission Accomplised! šŸ˜›

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