food fooood foooooooood

I was thinking about food, well life as would say.
Definately because I think about food ALL the time. I think about food when I am hungry, I think about food when I am not hungry and wonder when will I be hungry. I think about food when I am full to the bursting..which is often..and I think about food when I think about people.
So many things we eat are associated with our memories of people, is food ever just food?
What or who do you remember when you look at a particular food?
Mangoes remind me of hot lazy summer afternoons, spent waiting for the elctricity to come back, playing cards and carrom and Roohafza..gee food leads to food.
Sometimes food is special because you can never tatse that flavor again, and you savor it in your mouth and mind and say ..”waah” I dont think anyone can make it that well, or that I can never forget how that tasted..remember when we were…
I have one of my own remember when, it bears a special pain, the people associated I havent spoken to in years, though I wish I could, it was a time of innocence that probably wouldnt ever come back..hopefully too..nobody should have to live their horrid past over and over.

So do you remember, Mo and Zu when we ate that fried egg and bread thing, with my last Rupees, because I had just lost my wallet on the snow, and you both had already spent all of yours, I can still feel the cold himalayas, the rickety chairs, the hot hot chai and the crisp bread.

What is your soul food? Mine is Maggie. Yeah, nothing elaborate or even home cooked. If I have a cold or fever, all I want is Maggi the uninitiated Maggi is a brand of instant noodles…gimme maggi and I am happy 😀

Some food I have given up, others have been forcefully wrenched, but I dont miss any of those, I miss the people, the smells, the oohhs and ahhs..and o m g I want more of this..this is so yummm and the long discussions about hey, have you tried pohe with ketchup? yuk, who eats pohe with ketchup..I are grosss!

Doesnt food taste so much better in the company of friends and even alone with a perfect book or music. The test of friendship is when you can sit in a park late night and share pizza, and when you can stand infront of a panipoori stall and eat and eat and eat, and when you can spend a billion hours just making pasta, when you make french fries that dont know how to take out of the pan and it becomes a test of geomtry skills, how do I flip it so it lands on that plate yonder. Memories of dhabas eating dal fry and tandoori roti and gabbing, bhutta and soaking wet, rain pouring down, on top of sinhgad with the jhunka-bhaakar, fighting over who gets the last paratha, and ofcourse maaa, i want to eat something, but what, I dont know..something nice, then at that time maybe all I need is all these people. mmm..i am hungry now 😀



lets begin from the end..

I have been through battle and now I am a true blogger 😀 and am (said in a severe tone of voice) NOT green behind the ears.

Its funny how a frog in the well mentality can come up in the infinite web, the eternal web, the full of opinions web. I am peace loving..well as my extra net savvy mom (see comments in last post) will testify I am unable to even kill mosquitos.

So this peace loving me got called into a fracas not of my making, now I know how barroom brawls start.

There I was nursing my diet coke, and rohit and auntyji  and chandniwere in a fight, I just smirked and said something allegorical  to evoke an image "of a matron. sari hitched around waist , belan tapping against hand" now this matron is an allegorical creation and for this little smirk of mine, I got dragged in and got called names. And oh when I was called names, nothing was said taht my comment had not even been directed at one single person to begin with. 

my comment on rohits blog

"! wheres my popcorn..i see another rant brewing..
ohh btw did u realize u were a sexist/poltitcally incoorect when u said “a blog is a man’s castle” ;)
but seriously I don’t see anything wrong with the cover..rather i would say it is quite well executed..since at this point of time im wearing an ancient tantra tshirt that proclaims “india, its old, its new” I agree with you there.
As for teh mika truly dont wish to comment on it to begn with
so kudos to you for taking on all these bloggers, the sound like matrons with sari tucked in at waist and belan in hand! have fun! "

the comment on auntiji's blog

"cant believe the obsession people have to opinionate at any cost, anywhere, everywhere, and on everything. God almighty.spare us the from the frustrated.
to act cheap is your prerogative and to call you cheapos is ours.. Got that??
also read some chicks comment on matrons.. laughed my guts out.. have been here since Kaveetaa had her snap on the blog. had you seen it, this definitely was one comment that would not have happened!! You guys sure new out wonder so green behind the ears."

I was called names that I hate being called, like "green behind the ears" ,cliches, find something a bit original there, so that I may repeat.

Chandni's comments were not published and more name calling was done, of the juvenille are ugly, no you are ugly types..specially when chandni went in peace and made a logical argument, how does the moderators honest heart delete such comments and keep others that just favor her opiinion? Hopefully I atleast got the sex right!

WHat amazes me is a lack to see things rationally and without prejudice, you claim a right to freedom of expression and yet deny others that freedom to comment on what you write. You claim you are right, he claims he is right, they are just opinions, so are mine. Then why get into a "open for all" barroom brawl which is equivalent of saying you looked at me crossways so I will kill you! or rather "hai bhagwan dekho na iss aurat ne mujhe kya kya kaha," And why drag people unbekonest to you into this fracas and not even call them oiginal names and say you have priceless comments? Priceless they indeed are, because no else would care to malign without knowing the entire story…

and oh btw thanks for calling me a chick 😀 ..atleast that you got right.

which brings me to another story…out of another time..of a teacher blaming for bieng too friendly with my mom and giving it to me infront of the entire class..maa ke khande pe haath rakh ke chalti hai" yaar medam, maa bhi meri, khandha bhi unka, aap ko kya ho raha hai? Express opinions not regimental rules..

from the greenish


a bit late ..but father's day and anu's blog inspired this thought..

it would make sense if you read hers first actually 😀

hmm..I could cook when I was in India, but not very well, US of A in a small town with no Indian grocery /food around has made me an expert. My mom says the same thing the day I come back, she will never cook.With that another related memory comes to mind, that of mom never cooking when dad wasn't in town, so it was always khichri for dinner when papa wasn't there and always yummy outside food when mom wasn't there, who do you think I wished left town more often?Taking from anu's post, of women expecting their daughters to cook, in retrospect was true of quite a few children around me, the elder sister would clean,fill water and the brother would chill and play basketball with friends. Funnily enough one's mom expected her to cook while she did not cook herself !

such is life…

I am only child of a father who's only culinary achievement is tea..which he makes every morning for himself and the watchman. And when I am around expects me to make tea every half hour of the day, but he would expect the same of his son, he also expects me to take care of my mom, who doesn't need taking care of, so when we walk out my mom is surrounded by two bodyguards my dad and me. I am also expected to do all the "outside work", which I think is a hindi expression translated to english"bahar ke kaam", so may not make any sense.Such as bills( arggghh the bsnl bill)

On the whole,you know as the son and daughter of the house, there's a lot on my plate.

I have been possessive of my parents to the extent of being jealous of my dog, though my dog was pretty pampered too.., I have been lonely without them, we are a close knit family, but on the whole I have found I am much more used to taking care of myself and capable of changing the bulb and doing the dishes and cooking..umm no sewing please! as well as taking care of my car, than people who have had elder/younger brothers or sisters. But again, that could be just my narcissism

fulfilling dreams

a lot of people (all of them imaginary and in my head) asked me, why the runner in the header?
It is because I like to run, those who knew me in my previous incarnation probably wont believe that, they may even snicker and or twitter. But I have been bitten by the running bug. I run 4/5 miles atleast 4 days a week.
There is supposed to be a difference between a runner and a jogger. That difference is the speed and the fact that the runner cannot not run, and as for the jogger he merely dabbles. I am straddling the line between them. I love running, but it hasnt become a passion yet.
As for speed, I am probably slower than everybody who runs. But the point was brought home to me by something I was reading..I am still faster than those who refuse to even try running.
Which brings me to the crux of my post. If something is worth doing, and you are an Ayn-Randesque believer in doing things perfectly, Should you not do something you know you can be only moderately good at? Or should you plough on, slower than the snail, worse than the old lady who zips past you, knowing that you would improve but never ever be the best.
Is the merit in trying or being?
Sometimes knowing you are trying your best can be enough and at other times trying seems like a waste of time..what is it?
As for running, even running has been a dream, everytime I run I can't get over the fact that I, ME, me? am running..just like I always thought I would, the world may not throw medals at my feet, but my own appreciation of my body is enough. For now.

midlife crisis

My blog is having a midlife crisis. It began its existence with blogger's dot template. Finding that people were lukewarm to its look and highly impressed by the looks of another blog, it decided to change colors. Let this be a lesson to you, never change yourself to fit the demands of other people.
What happened was the blog did become prettier but because of its ineptness in the makeup arena, it also became inaccessible to some it was fond of.
hence the midlife crisis and the shift to wordpress with a banner (please look up and admire..uhh just a few inches, avoid that mirror overhead ) designed by yours truly, by sacrificing an entire Sunday morning in which better things could have been done but were not.
The result of the midlife crisis is that it makes my blog prettier to look at and definitely more accessible and at the same time freedom for exhibitionism in the form of library thing is kind of limited..ohh well..pros and comment on the new look!!
ok please??
right, do it now..


I may not be the most cheerful person on the planet.but I definately count myself in its happy denizens

Right now I am not happy. Definately not happy. I am not unhappy either, which shows you that maybe happiness and unhappiness are not two extremes, but rather different state of minds. What does that make my state of mind, the bored reader may answer: bored, stuck in the office with nothing, absolutely nothing to do, does not a good day make.

So here are ten things that bore me:

10. long meetings, specially after doughnuts and coffee
9. talking about my own research, buddy i suffer through it, do you have to too?
8. news..specially my dad's obsessive news watching which means watching news on every possible channel
7. shopping for more than an hour, specially when no looking for anything specific
6. anyplace where I am supposed to keep my opinions to myself
5. should top the list but i figured there are better things. Most indians will be shocked by this lack of patriotic fervor , but sorry no cricket for me
4. long farewells, howso ever I love you, or will miss you when you are gone, please dont linger at the parting point. Dont make me stand on railway platforms or infront of buses or at the airport ans do extended goodbyes
3. Treadmills and stationary bikes. I like to run, I hate biking..more about that later, but I cannot stand treadmills, usually I zip around my morning 3 miler and come back home happy and ready for work. Yesterday I didnt get up in the morning and so decided to do three miles on the treadmill before my kickboxing class. Guess what, I have been a trainer for 8 years, I tripped 7 times, couldnt figure out what was wrong with the program I set and I couldnt change it AND each minute of the three miles was torture!! even with awesome music playing!
2. Bollywood family dramas..I cant sit through those tear jerkers, specially if I have to keep my opinions to myself, all that melodarama leaves me cold
1. in the work..not even the guilt of not doing work to add an extra zing to my surfing the net….right now its all..well..BORING!!!..ohh no yahoo either 😦


ok, so i am bored bored is dreary, I have nothing to do, my boss took the files and decided to work from home. Duh, how am I supposed to work?
Bieng a mere grad student/hourly employee..I cannot hot foot it home as soon as the aforementioned boss disappears
so here is a tag i maaroed from some blog hopping..
Number of books I own:
In the US: about 10 (decidedly controlling myself)
In india: me thinks about 200 or so?

number of books I lent that never came back
sigh..dont even ask, I have learnt with bitter experience not to lend books to people you know you wont see in a while. The number must be close to 20-30. Point in case: copy of zen and the art of motorcyle maintainance

number of ebooks I own

Last book I brought:Eliad (Homer)
Which I havent started yet because it is a joint project with a friend, who has disappeared into the woodwork. It is our only way to read something serious!

Last book I was giftedtwo on the same day, did I get lucky or what!!
Knife of dreams: Robert JOrdan, part 12 of wheel of time
The giver: Lois Lowry: i loved the book: do you hear me giver/gifter?

Last book I read:
Since I read books on a daily basis, two books deserve mention here:
hullaballoo in the gauva orchard: kiran desai: funny funny book
pretty good for a girl: leslie Heywood: A book that will soon be a book I brought, because this one I will reread.

Currently reading:
Calvin and Hobbes: the eternal time pass for me, how i adore taht kid
The shadow Lines: Amitav Ghosh

5 books that mean a lot to me:

1.Pretty good for a girl: I have started training for a marathon and this book insprires me to keep running and running and running
2.Surrender the Pink: Carrie Fisher: A book that is remiscent of my relationships, down to the last dotted i and crossed t.
3 Ordinary People: Judith Guest: somehow a bok that touched my core, it still does every single time
4. PG wodehouse: anything he has written
5. Collection of Saki,aka, HH Munro
6. The little Prince

there are probably billions more, these are the ones i care to mention

3 books I started reading but never completedA suitable boy, vikram seth: could never get through it
all my textbooks
cant think of anything I didnt finish, I usually make it through

Books that made zero sense to me:

A god of small things, arundhati roy: beautifully written book, with amazingly alive descriptions and yet the entire story never made sense to the class 10th 14 year old me..maybe I will understand it better at 23?

The Magus, John Fowles: never made sense (ask maa, it never made sense to her too..even when read the right side up :p)

My most treasured books:
hmm thats a tough one, I might even cry

1.A rare collection of asimov stories (out of print now) that disappeared from my bookshelf

2.Reader’s Digest how to read, write and speak better: It was practically my bible for every time I needed inspriation or motivation to write, teach or just study (it has a great section on how to make notes for an essay/thesis)

3.A collection of Grimms Brother FAiry Tales, hand illustrated, hard bound, collecters thinks, and has colored my fantasies since I was really small and uptil now, when I rereead them again all the time entire collection of robert jordan’s wheel of time

5. my dad’s collection of phantom comics from his boyhood.. I have them all, nicely bound into 14 volumes!!

and lastly my tag
chandni ..for the bountiful gift of her last tag that almost svaed me from a catatonic death in the office