so am reading jane austen.
quite funny for me because I don’t like Jane Austen that much. One of the reasons bieng that the prosaic comments on the world of men and women are usually lost upon me. Another being that pride and prejudice was a textbook in college and after reading it 6 times and further extolling its virtues in exams had left me anti austen for a while.
Now to come to the point, Emma is an interesting peice of work, not so goody goody as P & P, more mature, more well developed characters and a heroine I hated from my depths. Yet I persevered and found it quite amusing at times but also predictable. I could tell what would happen next. I think Austen intended that, it is more of a satire where everyone else but Emma know she’s acting like an idiot.
I think it is also a good commentary on the the strong barriers between the genteel classes and the working class.
I loved Emma’s father whose character is so well ekked out, unfortuately the hero is as surly and galant and always right as darcy. Emma was assinine so I did delight in her bieng proved wrong, but why couldnt austen make her women more surly, overbright and gallant, would have gone down with me easier!!

also going to begin reading: eliad, in collaboration with a friend..lets see how much we finish!
unmentioned reading: the Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss, a James Bond satire..well kind of..silly and fun
coming up: Huballoo in the Guava Orchard by Kiran Desai


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  1. There is no better way to make someone hate a book….make it a text book. Luckily P&P wasnt mine. I liked it. I quite like Eizebeth’s character, I think it is quite a strong one. You have to remember when the book was written. I suppose for that age it was quite revolutionary? I read Emma also a long time ago, but I dont remember the details, evidently it did not make such an impression. I also read Northanger Abbey around the same time and seem to remember that they all had very similar themes.

    Your other blog is still giving problems–>

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