in passing

this too shall pass
again interesting conversation with interesting friend..”this too shall pass”, attributed to abrahm lincoln, this has now become a cliche.I sat down to think, this too shall pass..hmm some must have passed then, what has?so here is a list of ten things I thought would never pass but did:

1.12th CBSE board: first the exam wouldnt get over and then when it did, the wait for the result drove me crazy. When the results came out, I was the only one happy with mine. Expecting to fail, I passed.
2. Another long wait, admits to US, in terms of both admits, aid and the visa.
3. Longing for rich food on my diets, now realizing that the longing has passed, leaving behind only a whiff of the craving I used to have.
4. The pain of a long long crush on someone who you end up in abetting in getting some other girl to go their way. It passed, leaving in retrospect only amusement and a little bit of bitterness, couldnt he have seen?
5. Leaving home to go to a new city first, then to a new country and sharing a room..yikes!!
6. Each semester afetr semester of studying and more studying, the craziness at the end, promising myself, if I make it thorugh this one, I will study all year round! puccaa
7. The strong desire to tell someone what I really really think about them, but holding it in because it would hurt their feelings too much
8. Leaving people behind. Drifting away from best friends, trying hard to mend bridges and seeing the two banks become further apart. Now only faint memories of some good times and others not so good. This definately took time to pass
9. Picking up the phone to call that special someone to tell a special news and realize he probably doesnt care anymore
10. Greed, gluttony, sloth, hard work, honesty, anger, pain, laughter, love…this too shall pass

but then there are some that never do, and stay wrapped carefully, not letting it heal, refusing to let the cool air of time ease its fevered brow, hopefully that too shall pass.



  1. Chandu’s famous remedy for all aches :
    Its always ok in the end…if its not ok its not the end..

    So as Johnny Walker said: Keep walking!!


  2. Its pretty interesting….U seem to have interesting convs with interesting friends too many!! 😉

  3. Interesting!!

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