I was out this weekend, had a canoeing and hiking experience.
Something that left me tired and refreshed at the same time. This entire semester has taken more worrying than I realised. Always been pushing and worrying and working or feeling guilty for indulging. This was what I needed. A place to put aside everything with a group of people who did not make me want to be somebody. I just chillaxed. and learnt new things about myself.
Slept under the stars, and the full moon, enjoyed the campfire when it was roaring blaze and enjoyed it as it died down and my eyes heavy with sleep wouldnt close because it was breathtakingly beautiful.
And hiking, realizing that this body that I work so hard, has now become something i can enjoy.
And canoeing, woo the joy! the second time canoeing, lots of rapids, lots of calm pools..sorta like life.
Think of the analogy..I like water as a rule , same as life, both are scary sometimes. You are in a canoe and you see a rock coming but you cannot avoid it, you manage to survive hitting rocks, and the are so scared of falling into the water, but when you do, you realize it isnt as bad as I thought!
too much of an analogy..maybe! works for me though..and with numb fingerslike the regrets we bear sometimes, I now sign off…