name the numbers

ok so this is for chandni , she wrote 10 words with the letter Q and what she associated with them. I commented and have now shouldered the burden to write 10 words and their associations. Comment on this blog and I shall assign you letters for your blog 😀
So chandni medam has given me “v” ..and I said..”how do i hate thee, let me name the ways” so here goes

“The Instructions: Comment, and I shall give you a letter. Go back to your journal, and write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what those words means to you and why.”

Victory: the most obvious, v for victory, I associate it with being carried around on shoulders of fans with arm thrust out to the sky , truimphantly touching it the way only someone in that moment can. On a personal note victory will be truly mine when I either finish my masters or when I run that elusive marathon. Coincidently one of my favorite phrases that always seemed all powerful in its brevity “veni vidi vici”

Vixen: ahem, always desired to be the foxy bitch but have always ended up with the label of a nice girl or crazy girl, but never that jealous hate that true “vixen” inspire!

Venice: One of the places I want to visit, water and artitechture, what more could I want? Old wrold charm and Italian men, food and gorgeous clothes..are the icing on this already rich cake

Victim: Arent we all? Of circumstances or of our own warped thoughtprocesses. Victims of the society, and the rights it giveth and taketh away with a hand equally swift at both times. Victims of fifteen minutes of fame syndrome. Victims of our own lack of understanding or too much of. Victim of our times , of the “zeitgeist”

valentine: aye haye, use um kaise bhul sakte hain..valentine ke din mein…Technically the second most depressing day of the year. The most depressing day will not be mentioned here. Depressing because of the strange expectations that we have from it. All of us single, usually happily so (or so i pray) suddenly get pipedreams of godiva chocolates and men popping out of bushes with rose in mouth (hopefully still with thorn, and hopefully it hurts) and proposing with streams of adjectives which include the word slim and beautiful.
doesnt happen and not to anybody, because it happens only in archies and hallmark cards and yes hindi and english movies. If it does happen in real life, I pity the poor woman. Depressing also because I end up eating too much chocolate 😀 and because of sad behavior of indian politians who actually make more people itch to do some obscene “non bhartiya sanskriti things”

vegan: a rather interesting concept, which I have no guts to try. Most of my favorite things are dairy..cheese, yogurt, butter, and ofcouse milk which I practically have to restrain myself from! But maybe someday I will try it, because it is a game of willpower and survival in the urban jungle.

Verve: a very special word, because I believe I have it. I have a verve for everything I do, even writing this blog when I should be writing the motivation final. A zest that truly wakes me up every day raring to go. This verve is what defines me to myself, and it is what makes life, life and I am thankful for it. It is also the intercollege festival where most of my college memories center. Meeting my best friend and becoming best friends, my biggest crush and worst downfall, funny strange things that you can only do when you are 19..and my best penpal!!

Volatile: a trait in me which I have tried to suppres so hard that I have practically gone over the other side and barely ever say whats on my mind or react without thinking. But truly, I miss that crazy temper of mine..atleast my mind was empty at times ,after the outburst happened! now it is full of unsaid things which come back to my lips times too many.

vehicle: I had to bring my car in didnt I? 😀 , nothing more nned said on the topic. It is something which I have wanted for so long, and it has made my parents so porud of me, for doing it by myself, for this is the first thing I can say that s truly my own, from my own hard earned money.

Vande matram: The sentiment behind these has come to mean more and more to me since I left the country. Never has the tricolor been so dear to me, or the sight of the ashok stambh on my passport been more important. More and more, I find myself yearning to go back and give back to where I belong. Not to return to the safety of home, but to return to it as an adult and to be a part of its crazy swarming versimilitude and make it grow and be proud of it. Finally it is home, my motherland, only to which I can return, assured of a warm welcome, prodigal daughter or not. My mother I salute thee (vande matram) .