Neither expected nor unexpected

An interesting conversation with an interesting friend.
there are some people you meet in this world, that you know you’d get along with instantaneously and you are seldom let down. There are again some people you meet the you know you’d probably hate the guts of, and again you are seldom proved wrong.
what is it? I say SFP: self fulfilling prophecy, when you believe you will enjoy a particular person, you make more effort to listen to them and enjoy their company. To some extent it is also intuition or as Anne of green gables would put it “kindred spirit”.
But what differentiates a social butterfly from a loner like me? I am incapable of building strong relationship with homogeneous group and also incapable of maintaining those relationships.
Maybe the social butterfly sees kindred spirits in everyone? And I don’t..

on another note what I was thinking of today was what would I like to leave behind. In the U.S. the one thing I would dearly love to have is a campus building named after me, for a multitude of reasons..One: they cant pronounce it and I would love it when new people will curse kstate every time they have to look for the dam building. Another would be because if a building is named after me, I probably did something good or atleast made a lot of money and gave a bit of it to kstate . This place has given me a lot, and I believe in giving back to it.
I will also find ways to give back to Pune and Indore, but there the path seems less clear, because I want to help someone in a good way, but not the bureaucracy or the authority. I want people who everyone has given up on to show their mettle.
another legacy which not a dream but a reality is organ donation. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but it is something I believe in, which most people don’t like the thought of. If I cant use it and someone else can, let them have their fill of it. If someone’s life is saved and mine lost, so be it, because every moment I am aware that I have done exactly what I wished to. Maybe not the right thing or the morally correct thing or the nice thing or the brave thing, but what I wanted to do..ofcourse helped along by the unconscious and societal influences..
Another rambly post…nonsense of the first order 😀



  1. Sheep,

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope the reference to the blog customizability was a compliment.

    One reason why you never want to see your name on a building.. You would be dead if it has happened.

    Naming a street or a circle on your name can be a reality (atleast in Bangalore) even if you aren’t dead. So, its noble aim for that!

  2. @ sham,
    this was to actually talk about things i would like to leave behind..and in most universities, if you make a donation large enough you dont have to be dead.
    secondly, I dont want my name on the building to just make it, it implies that I pay for some research that goes on there. As for India, I would rather not comment..thats a whole new can of worms

  3. This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

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