the reasons

the word bibliophile means a lover of books. I think i am beyond that , it is more of a bibliomania with me.
What is the purpose of this blog? to write about the latest book i read, if not the latest i read, but the latest I enjoyed.
Since coming to the US, and thanks to the public library, the availablity of books has increased. I still read all the time and still read anything and everything from manuals to epics to soppy romances. And have been wanting to archive the same, will do so here and reading suggestions are very very welcome!


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  1. Ahha! The first one to comment on the blog! Keeping track of all the books you read is a nice idea. I will look forward to reading about them. Suggestions? Many, but let me mention the last book I finished reading. “I dont know how she does it” by Allison Pearson. Enjoyable reading. Btw, is there a problem with your other blog? Cant open the previous posts or comments. Tried to find out the origin of ‘albino back sheep’.–>

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