on blogging

so what is a blog? not to get metaphysical..but what is a blog?
today, I read a nice book called the “memoir club” and realised the role of a personal blog is just that, a memoir.
In a diary, you record your very personal momnets, very embarrassing momnets that you may not be ready to share with the world yet..but in a blog, there is a very odd and thrilling mix of one’s public persona and one’s private world, hence the voyeouristic thrill part.
also, its similarity with a memoir. Carefully constructed to reveal enough and yet carefully constructed to hide enough, and your first thought is of the reader (who never comment), yep a memoir it is.
so go bck to your first blog read and see, have you changed? do you even remember when or why you wrote it? how tipsy you were or how depressed or how high on love?
thats why we need these blogs, us of the communication generation, to remember what is needed and yet to forget what we never do.
“just a memory” it never is, if you remember it matters…oh well back to metaphysics:D



  1. that is so true…what u write abt blogs…

    when i started out, it was for fun’s sake…

    but now I am as posessive of it as of my personal diary…and its interesting how one forms a relationship with the blog fisr of all, and then with faceless strangers who read it…

  2. Found your blog through orkut. This is nice!
    on blogging,
    I think its exactly why you blogged this particular blog. To let the world know what your beliefs and biases are.. and hopefully others will tell you what they feel about that.

  3. @ sham..
    thanks for reading that and commenting !

  4. Very pretty site! Keep working. thnx!

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