my latest love

here is a picture of the love i was talking about in my last post and now it is all mine!!
and no one can take it away from me!!!
its been a long wait to find my perfect car and with this one it never felt too big (which it is) or too strong (which it is) or too fast (which it is)
and i thought of it as a small car till i got it and my friends saw it and everyone was like..this is huge and im lke…no its just right and people taller than me (mostly everyone) thought they cant handle this baby…but i can 😀
im lovin it!!!



  1. Too hot 2 handle. 😛

  2. wooohooo! so when do we take it out for a spin, girl?

  3. looks hot man!!!

    congratulations and well deserved!!

    enjoy it :))))

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