on buying and selling

so here it is, I am trying to buy a car.
because I like driving, I like cars, I like bieng able to go places without having to worry too much about how much time it will take me, I also like doing groceries whenever I feel like it..hence a car
Do I have the money..
umm is that even a valid question? I dont πŸ˜€
who does have the money? I am a struggling grad student
SO what kind of a car do I buy
isnt that clear, a rundown, extremely ancient piece of junk happens to be all that I could possibly afford and yet friends give me pipe dreams, just keep looking and u’ll find a great deal..
and how do I know when to stop looking? will a bolt from the sky hi my sonn to be preccious? or all my friends will suddenly turn up out of the blue and start applauding?
what is it?
it is so frustrating that I cannot even imagine making the right decision, a decision I will make and then tell myself forever that you dumb ass, couldt you make a better decision, its a car. EITHER that OR people will start calling me up whenever they go look for cars..because i’d probably know it all by then πŸ˜€
i already do…
so did I make the right decision when I didnt buy the Subaru? It had three engine oil leaks, fixable but may cause problems later
Or do I go look for the Honda tomorrow and go through this pain again and again?
Or lets see walk to walmart for groceries?
sigh..ok its the honda sighting tomorrow, I heard they are rare πŸ˜€


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