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The concert…Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia at KAnsas State University, made history for us there. SABHA is now a name to be rekoned with and a name that everyone ought to be famaliar with and I feel that I have played a small role in that.
The concert was beautiful and the setting and perfromance electrical!
As an organizer, I had insight into how little these people had played together beforehand, it says so much about them, that they can perform together at the slightest notice.
Each one of them a star in their own right, so down to earth that even we cannot match them, So interested in life around them and even the people they would never see again.
Panditji and talking to him about my home town and food was an experience in itself.
hearing a white man’s understanding of Indian music traditions humbled me, hearing the world’s best drummer fit a tihayi to an elvis presley song…ethreal!
It has also left a huge void because, it was my last concert. Lot of people thought I am the heir apparent for the president’s post So did the president and so did I. But i turned it down. I dont know why and maybe will never know also. Right now SABHA has left a void and all of us feel the pain, never thought letting go of an organization will be that hard.

On another note, it was covered well by the press. will link it here

On a third note, one of my old short stories is back online, do read and comment here…ahh childhood passions šŸ˜€



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  1. very nice

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