went to my first opera today. Was considerable fun! I thourougly enjoyed it. My friend decided it was time to leave after 10 minutes, but I loved it till the end. There were plenty of things to enjoy. Great music, it was Mozart’s magic flute, beautiful voices trained and used to the best of their ability. Is there any one thing that we can say with confidence that we use to the limit of our ability? Including our brain and our body?We abuse our body to the best of our ability but rarely do we treat it the way we treat our precious ipods or whichever gadget that you prefer. And yet it is the most complicated and wonderous thing we own.
But, I digress, another reason for enjoying the opera was that even though it was in German, they had a little screen up there with english subtitles which really really helped! Also they refrained from translating every single umm and aahh..instead did only the salient parts for which I am indebted to them!
Yet another reason was great actors and actresses that gave me goosebumps with their beautiful voices and the passion in it. And my favorite character..Papagino, I associated with him more than the others..his name and everything he went through was more believable, I am mortal and have suffered plenty for the fault he had…but he got what he wanted in the end didnt he?
Maybe I will too 😀


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  1. I hate all kinds of opera, including soap operas. Tried listening once, but my uncouth ears refused to co-operate.–>

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