psych or otherwise

these days i have been doing a lot of flyer and other design work for the Hariprasad concert and dangit I am good at this stuff!

So the question comes up, why psychology and why not design ?

advertising was the first choice, then was English and then was nothing…
then psychology came into the picture and oblitrated every other contender.

why…well it is a people area and i love people and how their mind works and what they do and why..also because people are important to me….and what is advertising or designing but application of that knowledge of people

and then I had to get into industrial organizational behvaior which i described to my mom this morning as the study of how to hang the carrot infront the donkey to get it to work. which distance, what brand carrot, in front or behind, whether a carrot or just the dream of a carrot..ah well..too much studying I think, loss of perspective or the unadorned truth?


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  1. LOL!!!

    u lucky girl…I would love to study all this stuff!!!–>

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