there are some days that seem perfect.
yesterday was one of those. Great weather, nice walk, sitting in the park under a tree and reading a good book…small pleasures in life
I cam away so much stronger and more at peace with myself after that sojourn in the park than after a long but hectic holiday.
Sometumes, these short periods of time alone are what one needs to get in touch with their core.
Funnily enough it does not even have to involve introspection or deep thought. Just doing something you like to do and bieng completely immersed in that is what makes these moments completely yours.
Atleast for me they do. I am not a very socially adept person. I am one of those people who cross the street just to avoid coming face to face with even a single stranger…its a matter of mood.
So this sitting alone in the park on a dry, sunny winter day paying half a mind to sounds and getting lost in a good book is a pleasure that I savour and then nothing can seem to break the calm of the mind after that.
I suddenly find myself believing in myself and my goals, they seem real like nothing before did, a sense of belonging to myself, is it just living in the moment that does it to you? or is there something about going away on a journey in a new book with your cell phone not getting any signal?
and then spending the evening with good friends and chatting with others far away, people who make you think about new things, others that make you cry with the care they show for you even when they are running 22 minutes late for gym..
reading more reading..


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