travails, travels and triumphs

the new year has begun with the usual fanfare, that in retrospect never amounts to the fun you thought it would be.
But the year has begun, with a frsh slate, so they say, more like a slate wiped clean with a dirty duster, so that anything written fresh can be barely seen . as harry belafonte said “and it was all clear as mud”
so the trip to new york, very fun, very crazy, quite a bit tiring. I demand another vacation after it.a more non motile one..hehe
New york “the City” caught me up and took me dreaming. A city that screams rush rush, never slows down, providing its residents with a veneer of invisibility, no one is looking at you, no one knows you, ahh blessed annoymity. A material city, also infused with the work ethic, things get done fast and on time, an exception airports..ahh well we all know them dont we!
A subway system that I fell in love with, the map i’d treasure, desi’s everywhere, kindness of strangers, new yorkers arent as callous and uninterested as made out to be.
most of the help we got was from locals, who would see us looking at maps and stop to help.
a old man playing “jana gana mana” at the statue of liberty
world class performances in the subway
fake chanel no 5
squished beyond recognition in times square
missing penn street and sitting and looking at it from the subway, never realising hey we gotta get off here!
trying on designer clothes and laughing like we could never stop and wouldnt want to
hand reading sessions(with gloves on) in central park
the now expired and much tresured metro card
cooking daal and chicken,
basements and sleeping bags..ofcourse back aches
new boots that could have become a case of “red dancing shoes” the very grim grimm fairy tale, but did not only because of a nice big shoe bite (very worth it) hot boots 😀
food ofcourse at times square, bundt cake, midnite 43rd street and 8th ave
bieng woken up rudely, deprived of maggi, bread snatched away, still friends
yara o yara
o re chore
cryptic words forever associated with nyc
once upon tart…bestest pecan pie and salad ever! (sullivan street , SOHO)
D&G sucks :p
chinatown and little italy cafes..yummy canolli
catching a glimpse of ricky martin and none of the damn ball that dropped before we got there..told them to wait, but time wouldnt stop
a trip, a memory so vast, each day an exploration, each day something new, old friends and new, new perspectives, new beginnings and ofcourse a clean slate effect. “iss semester kuch bhi last minute nahi karungi” sounds famaliar 😀


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  1. Hey Disha…couldnt have put it better myself!!!!!! :o)
    Reading it brought back memories of the crazy days…btw u forgot the cold stone ice cream…considering that I (ahem), have developed cerain fondness for it…–>

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