end of teh sem

The semester has ended and the year is about to end too…
an year in recap…
It began badly with spending the new yrs eve watching spongebob! and then the semester wasnt such a great deal. Then I met a few wonderful people, well they all (hopefully) know who they are…
and at the same time, SABHA began with an infusion of indian music and arts into my life, making friends good friends and some new friends, more people to look up to. Learnt a whole lot about myself in that process, unfortunately nothing good, just about how very bad a writer I am, and how very blunt, undiplomatic and totally unable to get people to do anything: note to myself..scratch out all the leadership dreams…
and then I got my first bad grades in a long long time, and that shook me up too..
and then cme the bombshell..the very long and disturbing and basically just long trip back home
I read somewhere once that its better to be somewhere you dont belong than to go back somewhere where u did and to find that you dont beong there anymmore, should have heeded those words more carefully.
But that meant coming back here was easier, coping with new things became easier, bieng myself became easier…im not there yet but making progress..someday I will belong..
and even if I dont, maybe its time to accept that its a part of me…this lone ranger thingy…
Ruminations: another year of growing up to do, lots left to do, lots learnt, lots felt, some given and some taken away, some hurt and some joy, some recieving and some giving..
just life.


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  1. hey, no worries. these teachable moments make life interesting. i’m sure you wouldn’t like life to be routine and utterly predictable…that you’d know what to do at exactly the right time, everytime. what’s important is you walk away from a situation knowing a little more about yourself:)

    for now, go do some interesting, non-academic “learning”…i know for a fact that you have an interesting book to read *winks*

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