lost keys lost my mind

i dont lose things more often or less often than anyone else. BUt because of my slightly preoccupied look people generally assume that I am careless and unable to take care of anything whatsoever…
And today I lost my keys…
nothing much, dont be alarmed, just two very important keys without which I cannot survive. So I will get them made again, but the only problem bieng that this will involve a convoluted process by which I would have to ask my departmnet secretary to call for new keys, fill out forms and pay money. Whats the worst part about that..you may ask..well even if you dont, let me tell you, everyone would find out that I lost my keys, that would be the latest story about me, can you believe it, she lost her keys, that too in walmart! sheesh..what a lost brain!
oh god find my keys, and return em for me, I shalt never doubt thou’s existence again


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