today is a strange day, the tail of the week that was. And it began with me getting up at a late 9:10 for a class that begins at 9:30…yeah u’d say it began badly..ahh well even bad days have good evenings.
So began the rush to school and back for lunch and teh workout, bath and lunch. Now these three things made my day. I love to workout, love to eat and love to wash my hair! and only if i loved eating less than working out I might be the skinniest person on planet, instead I look more like a body builder..ahh well things change. Unfortunately no fairy godmother so dont wait for this chunk of coal to convert into cinder-ella.
so the day that began badly became better and I was in top form for the afternoon class…even grinned at a few profs in the elevator instead of giving them my usual shy even spooked enough to ask me what law did i break..couldnt help gninning back…heheheh..swear he almost called 911!
and then got home to a relaxing evening when i had to cook..but my roomies decided to relieve me and eat nothing at all!
so in I settle with a good book and wham, its a book the covers of which I shouldnt have opened. A book, that begins with a sad lonely female, who doesnt think she looks hot (aka bridget jones) and morps into the perfect career woman who finds the perfect millionaire..hence the cinderella and the belle of the ball..
So it got me wondering whether these things have really happened to anyone really? ever?
it just seems like you go on slogging and working out and denying ur body of icecream and chocolate, and do you morph? well not really
maybe things change, maybe you change so slowly that something you would have earlier hailed as the bestest thing that ever happened to you, you dont even bother to smirk for. MAybe you get used to the better things in life. I could put this into psychological paralance, muses bieng my hobby and (hopefully) bread and butter..but no I wont for two, i wouldnt bore away the two readers of this blog and the second bieng I cant remember the right term..hehe..too lazy to fetch my notes!ahh well you have been saved
But i why no sudden ephiphany? because even cinderella knows she manipulated the prince by walking in late? or becaue it doesnt come without guilt? you know guilt, it rears it head trust me, its just waiting for the right moment.
Or is it because it simply doesnt happen? Life only changes in the problem it brings. My dad said once, The beggar worries about the next 2 penny bit and the Birla’s worry about the next million. We all find our things to worry about.
maybe its all paradise by the dashboard lights? heard the song its by Meatloaf and its on my list every single time…..everytime I hear it, it strikes a chord within and i move to it, I cant help a wry smile..maybe it wont be this way?
So do we find the perfect man, the best job, the car…the everything..does it work in the larger picture? Does the picture on the mantel piece remind you of atleast some moments well spent?
or all you see is that you forgot friends in the search for the man of your life. Did you forget you could dance and listen to music too in the search for the perfect job. If you dont think of it, even though you did forget, to me that is a life well regrets, no guilt. Just be


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