am back!

its been a while,
but the days have been busy!
and today I have been wondering what is it that keeps us going?
this event that I was organising, piled on top of my school work was too much to take..and it drove me so crazy that I had nightmares…can you believe it? I had nightmares of every possible thing going wrong!
And then as it was going on, as every event clicked into place some smoothly and some a bit roughly and the magic began to appear and the hard work paid off, at that magic moment , only hours away from when I had sworn never to do it again, if someone had asked me if I would do it…I would have said yes….Its the magic you see, things falling into place, and ofcourse the adulation doesnt hurt either!
but its over, and some of the magic has remained in the photos and the little blueprint of the stage design that will live on my wall of fame, just the same as Verve 2002 does…
these are my favorite moments, they are just mine, noone can take them away or even relate to them because they know not the pain of putting music on in the sound booth, rushing backstage to check on something, and putting my on makeup, and then rushing back to the sound booth to let the guy know what mikes go on next, and then rushing again on stage to perform, followed by 2 hours of the same thing, this time aided by the rush to change clothes too!
I would do it again in a minute!
would u?


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