good day bad day

today is not a good day…its lack of goodness is because of many many men and things…
but lets talk about a better day first!
Wednesday was a perfect day! great weather, lots of sunshine, nice cool breeze, loads of work, none of which i took home, an unparalleled chance to browse a great bookstore…brought several nice books…
shh…dont tell anyone, I even brought a cook book..hmm well not a traditional one…its called cooking without recipies and is basically about cooking ideas rather than anything else
well the truth is..ok…well…umm….I actually enjoy cooking these days..
other than that..the day was perfect..nice workout, nice class, also to find no colloqium when I was actually on time was an amazing feeling!
and then the day took a grevious turn..after all this I came home to find my bottle missing, sad sad things happen in the missing bottles and people who steal them and others ike me who lose them!
and then made an yum salad for dinner..barely averting another pepper disaster..they are getting so frequent that I cant look black pepper in the eye without sneezing
so that was the perfect day!
today involved bad food…too much of it also! and too much desert..lets call it the guilty day!
and also too much irritation at people not turning up, and too many meetings, not enough tlc..hey i may be a strong independent woman but i need tlc too!..the very thought!


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